Friday, June 25, 2010

Yours Lovingly

Losing a loved one is always tough. Leaves you with a heavy heart and a grief stricken soul. The difficulty increases when that one Loved person played multiple roles with ease.....This post is dedicated to My Dearest Dad...I am not sure if its right to say I lost him....yes, he may have gone away physically but the thoughts, values, memories he has left behind are so many that I would mentally never be lost. He was ofcourse a great dad! but apart from that he was a very good friend, philosopher and guide. He gave me the strength and wisdom to not just make decisions but also take responsibility for the decisions. He lived his entire life with few simple beliefs and when I look back I can't help but think there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity.....Today when I have to decide and I know I can't have a conversation with him in the literal sense, all I need to do is ponder 'what would dad have done or what would he have wanted me to do' and I then feel empowered. I will always love him, even miss him. I owe a lot in life to him. He was my Guardian Angel and I look at the sky and tell myself, it was time for him to go to a better world. He has thought me enough to now take care of myself, my family....and needless to say he will bless me no matter where he is. Thank you dad.


  1. Hi Rashmi,
    The kind of relationship you shared with your father is one to be cherished forever. You know he is there, always. Those who love us so much, never leave us. Their blessings always follow us. Have faith and courage, all what you have got from him. Love