Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jog down Memory Lane

I spent about 10 minutes today jogging down memory lane....nearing 30 is fun filled as well as stressful I guess. I look back at the years passed by fondly. I feel its as though just yesterday when I used to go to school with pigtail ponytails, a silly looking (boring) uniform, used to feel on top of the world eating anice cream and feel like a millionaire if I had 100 bucks to spend. Its as though a minute later I grew up old enough to start working, get married....its sometime seems as though time just breezed and yet at other times it seems to move at snail speed. I also feel a bit stressed as there are few things I have dreamt of, I have always wanted to pursue and still have not done it. Been pushing it saying a couple of years and I will do those. But before I have realised I am already close to 30. The last thing I want to do is live a life where ifs, buts, could have beens are so many that life seems like a bundle of regret! Its time to wake up and realise that given an average longevity of 60 years I am almost half way if at all there is a time to do things its not later but NOW. Whether to get better fitness, travel the world, eat in good place, let my hair down and dance....its TIME to do all these....I have seen a few people in their old age wishing they had done things differently or they had done things sooner in life....I do not want to be one of them. So as Swami Vivekananda said' Arise and Awake' :)

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