Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will we manage to save it in Time?????

I am currently reading a book by name 'Hot, flat and crowded'. I guess some of you may have read it already. This book is about where we are heading in terms of environment and ways to save it. Most importantly its a wake up call to everyone as if we sleep over this issue any longer we are surely heading towards disaster at lightning speed! The facts stated in the book about pollutants today and if they grow at same rate what effects it could have on the environment really scare the living daylights. I mean its obvious in the name of progress we are digging our own grave and best thing is no one is bothered. We are carrying on as though there is no danger even though its actually lurking behind and closing in faster. I feel our parents left us a relatively clean planet but look at the mess we are creating. We are going to just leave a garbage yard for our next generation. The book has motivated me a lot to do small simple things...not sure if it will help but atleast I'll be satisfied I did something. I have made my mind that one hour of every saturday or sunday (mostly dinner time) I will insist on candle lit dinner at works well as it will be a romantic dinner as well as save some electricity even though candle burning also releases CO2 its still a good pay off. Now, you may say...hey thats not too tough. Yes, you are right. Solutions to most of the complex problems really start with small simple steps. I hope you also start taking some of these baby steps.

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